Laurence Causse-Parsley, Mixed media contemporary art

Three Chinese poems

Thoughts in the Silent Night


Moon twilight approaches, coating the ground through the


Resembles a touch of frost,

Moon at the window,

Taking me back to where I am from.

Li Bai Tang Dynasty (701 – 762)



Jueju, No. 2 of 2 (The River’s Blue, The Bird a Perfect White)

The river’s blue, the bird a perfect white,
The mountain green with flowers about to blaze.
I’ve watched the spring pass away again,
When will I be able to return?


Jueju (Enjoying Flowers Walking Alone on a Riverbank, No. 5 of 7)

Before Abbot Huang’s pagoda, east of the river water,
Spring is bright and delicate in the gentle breeze.
One clump of peach blossom’s opened, no-one to own it,
Is dark or light red more to be loved?


Du Fu Tang Dynasty (712-770)